Matt Nguyen

My real name is Matt Nguyen but almost all my friends call me “Nuge” (pronounced nooj).  I received the nickname in college, which was a result of people not being able to pronounce my last name and a comparison of my college antics to a professional skateboarder named Don Nguyen, conveniently nicknamed “The Nuge.”  Even though I’ve had quite a few nicknames through college, Nuge is the one that stuck.  If you are wondering,  no, Ted Nugent did not have a role in my nickname.

I have always been told that I know a lot about random things and have a “gift” of adding wittiness and sarcasm to those thoughts in conversation.  People have been encouraging me to start a blog and document my thoughts… well, to all my friends and acquaintances, here you go…

To give you an idea what to expect from my blog posts, my interests include sports, SEO, social media, triathlons and volunteer work.  Most of the stuff I will blog about is SEO and social media, but expect me to correlate the other stuff into my SEO and social media posts too.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy my thoughts!