Interacting with Brands in the Social Media Space

It is pretty nuts how many people are on social media, Facebook has 800+ million, Twitter has 100+ million and Google is just getting started with their social network.  With such a large following, businesses have to have a strong understanding of how their customers interact with their brands, especially in the growing online world.  Here is a great infographic from AYTM about how US consumers are interacting with brands on social media.

Branding and Social Media Statistics – How People Are Interacting With Brands Online
Source: AYTM Market Research


What Languages Are Spoken in the United States

Ever wonder what languages are spoken in different parts of the country?  Here’s a cool infographic that gives you an idea of what popular languages are spoken in different states across the United States.

Top Languages Interactive Graphic
Source: Pimsleur Approach Language Learning

Just For Fun

How to Talk Like a Beer Snob

Talking like a beer snob has always been my forte, mainly because I like poking fun of Sommeliers, and quite frankly, I don’t quite understand wine and the whole sniff, swirl, sip methodology. Contrary to belief, beer can be an elegant [Keep Reading...]

Just For Fun

SLO Donut Company Punch’d Commercial

It’s not everyday that you get to be in a commercial and claim your 15 minutes of fame.  A few weeks ago, a friend and former co-worker of mine, Xander Pollock, posted on Facebook that his company (Punchd) was shooting a commercial in San Luis Obispo, CA at SLO Donut Company and  needed some people to shoot some [Keep Reading...]

Building Your Online Network

Networking has always been something that has been a part of my life, both professionally and personally.  As I rehash my suppressed memories in Sales, I come to realize that my network of contacts not only have helped me do business but have also become integral parts of my social life.  Now that I have moved [Keep Reading...]